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Network mapping made easy
Mapping network drives over a local or wide area network can sometimes try your patience. Rather than dealing with conventional, repeatative means to map drives or scripts which limit you to a static mapping, now you can automate the entire process through a single user interface without worrying about security and resource availability. MegaMap provides you with the simpliest way to map drives. In fact, using MegaMap is so simple, you may wish to map drives just for fun.
MegaMap was designed for users who may need to constantly change their network drive mappings without having to unmap a drive, remap a drive and repeat this process over and over. MegaMap utilizes Mapped Groups to accomplish these easy, yet sometimes tediously repeatative tasks. MegaMap has a user-friendly interface so even the most inexperienced user can use it with little learning curve.
MegaMap has some very interesting features. These added features go far beyond the purpose of simple mapping. In fact, they go as far as providing user-desktop administration. This allows the user to easily maintain the operations of their machine.